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John F. Wynn is a unique person who had the opportunity in this life to live his dream...building mandolins and other musical instruments. While many don't get to live their dream, John has shared his in a way others have benefited. His ability to handcraft mandolins then share them with others has provided many a musician the ability to pass along the wonderful art form of Bluegrass music. We have but one life to live, John lived his to the fullest.

This website is designed to let you discover more about Wynn Mandolins. It provides a history of Wynn Mandolins along with information on the builder himself, John Wynn. If you own a Wynn there is a link where you can list your serial number (located inside the mandolin) we will respond with an email letting you know when it was built along with any details for that particular instrument. If you have a digital camera and can send along a picture. Attempts will be made to try and establish when it was built.

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Pepper Jackson- website creator
Proud caretaker of the Wynn Mandolin, Red Pepper
The song Mandolin Maker was written as a tribute to John Franklin Wynn the owner of Wynn Mandolins. I wrote the lyrics, the music was composed by Austin Miller and recorded by The Millers; a special "Thank-you" to Cliff, Joanne, Austin and Megan for a job well done. I also want to thank one of the best Mandolin players I know, Berry Wynn (John's son), who played the Wynn Mandolin "Blondie" on this song.

For my friend Mr. Wynn this song was written... Pepper Jackson

If you would like to hear the song Mandolin Maker click on the arrow below. For information on how to get a copy of the CD go to the links page and click on The Millers.
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